What is Hafilaty App?

In order to increase the level of service and customer satisfaction TTC has developed "Hafilaty" app for smart devices with several communication channels.

Through "Hafilaty" users of TTC services and the general public can:

  • Receive real-time live information about the school bus services
  • Report field incidents and violations
  • Attach pictures and GPS location information with the report
  • Send suggestions and report observations regarding level of service

What does Hafilaty offer you?

  1. You can report issues of quality regarding the bus/vehicle or the driver such as safety issues, bad driving habits or negligence and school bus/vehicle accidents.
  2. Report tardiness of school bus/vehicle or complete absence and/or non-cooperation from the bus/vehicle driver.
  3. All smart device users of the app can attach a picture to the complaint and define the location of the incident on the map.
  4. Report non-availability of the service because of breakdowns of buses/vehicles.
  5. Receive notifications about starting, stopping and resuming the service in certain areas.
  6. TTC news.
  7. Links to the company's social networking pages such as (Twitter, Facebook etc ...)


Download Hafilaty from: