Safety Tips

  1. ​ At the Bus Stop
    • Try to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before your bus is due to arrive
    • Wait sensibly at the bus stop
    • Have your bus pass ready to show the driver
    • Stand back as the bus approaches the bus stop
    • Take care when boarding the bus, don’t push or shove​
  2. Inside the School Bus
    • Find a seat and sit down
    • Fasten your seatbelt at all times
    • Remain seated for the whole journey
    • Don’t block the aisle, seats or exits with your bags
    • Don’t be too noisy, you may distract the driver
  3. Getting off the School Bus
    • Don’t leave your seat until the bus has stopped
    • Don’t rush for the door when the bus has stopped
    • Be aware of other traffic when getting off the bus
    • Wait until the bus has driven away before crossing the road