Vision, Mission and Values

​​​​​Tatweer Educational Transportation Services Company (TTC) was founded in adherence to the Council of Ministers' decrees and set regulations. The company aims at  providing educational transportation services for schools and universities, developing the educational transport sector, improving the quality of provided services, enabling the private sector to provide operational service, and enabling integration with public transportation. TTC is a Saudi limited liability company and a subsidiary of Tatweer Education Holding company (THC), which is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund. As an independent legal entity, TTC has the full capacity to achieve its objectives and implement the tasks assigned to it in accordance with the mandates of THC Articles of Association; promulgated by Royal Decree M/75 dated 6/11/1429 H.

Tatweer Education Holding Company was founded by virtue of the Royal Decree issued in 1429, and based on the Council of Ministers' decree, with the following objectives: (1) implementing King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Project for Development of Public Education, and (2) providing all relevant and complementary educational services including transportation for students and teachers, either through THC or through establishing a subsidiary for that purpose.

TTC was established to fulfill this mission on behalf of the Ministry of Education – developing the educational transport sector and enabling integration with public transport. Prior to its founding in May 2012, feasibility and strategic studies were conducted. In August 2012, the Ministry of Education signed an agreement with TTC regarding the transfer of its educational transport mission to the company, and by which the company will also be in charge of improving the quality of service. The contract specified TTC as the company tasked with fulfilling this mission and assigned roles and responsibilities throughout the transition phase. 

Vision Statement

A society where all education participants enjoy safe and convenient transportation.

Mission Statement

Ensure the provision of dependable, convenient and sustainable educational transportation services.


  • Sustainability, Efficiency and Service Quality
  • Safety and Security
  • Development and Innovation
  • Professionalism and Work Ethic
  • Teamwork and Respect


  • Ensure world-class safety and security standards
  • Provide full coverage of convenient and reliable services to users
  • Develop a competitive and high-quality base of transport service providers
  • Promote sustainability in operations, and promote integration with public transportation
  • Provide shareholders with optimal profit and return on capital